Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lobsters and Chowder Tour 2008 - Day 12

We've said goodbye to Cape Cod and our friend Lloyd.  We could not have experienced Cape Cod as well as we did without his help.  But of course, what else would you expect from a Missouri boy?

We drove through Newport, Rhode Island.  Even though the rain would not let up, we were able to see the sea crashing into the rocks in classic novel style.  In some places, the sea spray and seaweed covering the road and our cars.  Further around are the famous mansions and summer "cottages" of this country's wealthiest families.  The Astors, Vanderbuilts and Doris Duke.  Most are museums now.  But many are still active residences that the new owners allow the public to view and tour.  The surrounding neighborhood would humble anyone or any area in the Midwest that believes they are wealthy.  This simply goes so far beyond wealth it is unimaginable.  Quite a sight.

Tonight we have found a wonderful little motel in Mystic, Connecticut.  The Taber Inn & Suites.  A must stay for anyone traveling through here.  A great value and close to the Mystic area attractions.  No, we are not going to eat Mystic Pizza, but we will drive by the joint on our way to Groton tomorrow.

But before doing so, we will be visiting the Mystic Seaport and getting in on a classic boat and car show, seeing a working wood boat building and preservation shop, some tall ships, an original wood whaling ship and a period village recreation.  I hear there is a store selling 5¢ shots of ale!  Of course, all these towns have the most fascinating old buildings and streets and they have done well in preserving them.  Not just as exhibits but as viable businesses and homes preserving these structures and blocks of our history for more generations to come.  It is common to see most buildings dated early 1700s and the towns being established in the early to mid 1600s.  Very cool.

It cannot be underscored enough how important history is in our educational system.  It is fundamental to the very success of our future existence.  We are losing that war, forgetting the reasons of how we got to where we are and the noble sacrifices made by our forefathers and their families to give us this greatest country in the world.

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