Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Few Months Later....

Well, here we are in January and much has transpired. Since the last post of the Lobster and Chowder Tour, we have endured the loss of our wife and mother Beth as she lost her two year battle with cancer. We didn't know during that wonderful vacation how much the cancer was spreading, but we did have a feeling it might be the last we would have together. We tried hard not to let it feel or make it a farewell tour and I think we succeeded. She enjoyed the trip and we will always cherish we were able to do it.

We miss her terribly. More everyday. When we have particularly good times, it succeeds in making us remember how she loved those times and how much we miss her joining in.  She instilled the joy of the Christmas season in her son and he has continued the traditions taught him, which was good to see.  We haven't thus far avoided any activities for fear of being constantly reminded of losing her.  But it shakes one's faith.  But she is no doubt now, the lucky one.

1959 - 2008

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