Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Blog

I would like to introduce the readers of Russ' Random Blog to a new blog...

A blog dedicated to the blogging of my political thoughts and if civil, discussions via the blog commentary.  I've had this goal for sometime.  Well, I've finally jumped in.  You may tire of it and in all fairness this may be yet another waste of internet space only contributing to the all too much noise out there now.

But the beauty of all this is you can subscribe or not subscribe. Read or not read. Agree or not Agree.  Beautiful freedom of your own accord.

This blog will contain thoughts and points of view on many topics falling under the political tent.  Healthcare issues.  Local, state and federal government issues.  Even some energy issues as they relate to politics, but look for a blog dedicated to energy issues in the coming weeks.

I hope you will read it from time to time and enjoy it.


Russ Wojtkiewicz

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