Monday, March 9, 2009

Coming Soon

Hello again.  Been awhile since you've heard from this Blog.  I continue to feed the Platte Valley Politics blog as there is an overwhelming amount of material for topics coming at an incredibly fast and furious pace.  Not much of it good and most we can just as soon ignore so as to not make our lives worse.  I do hope others take up those causes and help keep America free.

Keep tuned to this blog if you signed in to read about the Lobster and Chowder Tour.  Late in April, my son and I will be taking a trip to New Mexico and following where we can the Mother Road - old Route 66.  This will be the first of we hope a few excursions down this historic highway.  I am going to involve him in the blogging this time with his pictures and thoughts.  It was his idea and wish to travel and see Route 66 and since we mostly follow it to a seminar I am attending, we will check out some of the sites and scout out future plans to further take in the old route.

We are looking forward to Spring and Summer with our travel plans, sun, beaches and getting the house remodeled.

So until then, keep warm as Spring is just around the corner.

Russ and Evan Wojtkiewicz

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