Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coming Soon has arrived.... sort of

I know I said in the last post to this blog, oh so many weeks ago, that the next blog would be about the trip my son and I were taking down "The Mother Road".  Well, we are currently on that road.  The trip is going great.  The weather is great.  Route 66 has not disappointed.  And the photo opportunities have been numerous.

But the blog or log of this trip will have to wait a bit longer.  Too many hours on the road.  Breakfast comes too early for me to spend late nights blogging.  I know, sleep before blog and willing fans.  Shame on me! :)

We're building some great memories, getting some great snapshots, and reliving some memories for both of us.

Stay tuned.  All is coming in a few days.  If the New Mexico winds do not blow us back into Texas unwillingly!

But all of it reminds us of what a vast, great country this is and how worth fighting for it really is!

Until the future post,

Russ Wojtkiewicz

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